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Non-surgical liposuction


Sculpsure è unico in Sud Italia. Il macchinario più avanzato al mondo per l'eliminazione non chirurgica del tessuto adiposo in eccesso. Sculpsure è l'unica alternativa non chirurgica alla liposuzione. Risultati già evidenti con una sola seduta Una sola seduta riduce del 25% il tessuto adiposo localizzato in soli 25 minuti Indolore e senza rischi

The Results

It is a state-of-the-art technology using a diode laser with a frequency of 1060nm, which enables hyperthermic treatments for the destruction of localised adipose tissue

SCULPSURE selectively targets adipocytes without causing any damage to neighbouring tissues. Thanks to this technology, SCULPSURE is the only machine for non-surgical elimination of adipose tissue approved by the FDA (food and drugs administration).

The treatment consists of applying 4 diode laser probes to the area to be treated. The body temperature is raised between 42° and 47°, allowing the laser to act in depth. The cooling system of the plates protects the skin so that the tissue is not damaged.

Six weeks after treatment there will be a reduction in fat and an increase in tone.

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