Russian Lips


It is the ideal technique for those who want large, showy and sensual lips. Invented in Russia, it has now become the most popular lip enlargement technique for teenage girls. This technique, thanks to the infiltration of hyaluronic acid, makes it possible to increase both the height, width and projection of the lips while also correcting perioral wrinkles. The Russian lips technique allows increasing the volume but also modifying the shape of the lips.

durata intervento


15-20 minutes



durata intervento



controllo mastoplastica


After 5 days to remove stitches

How is it performed?

An anaesthetic ointment is applied about 30-40 minutes before the treatment.

Hyaluronic acid with V-cross technology is used because it has greater volumizing capabilities and is more durable than normal hyaluronic acids.

The technique involves punctures being performed vertically to the vermilion and not horizontally as in classic techniques.

The treatment usually lasts 15-20 minutes after which ice is applied to reduce swelling and bruising.

The duration of the result can vary from 5 to 7 months depending on the patient.

Are there any risk?

The risks are very mild and range from swelling and bruising that may last 2-3 days

Infection if the treatment is not performed under sterile conditions

Skin necrosis if the operator is inexperienced and mistakes the anatomical plane of infiltration.

ABSOLUTE CONTRAINDICATION is the presence of Herpes Zoster.

In the case of patients who are carriers of Herpes, treatment can only be carried out after taking anti-herpes medication for 48 hours before treatment.



Your lips will look exactly as they did before!

You can dissolve the product in a few minutes using an enzyme called HYALURONIDASE

Nothing serious but the product may last less.

Yes, if the product used in the past was hyaluronic acid

No, if the product previously used was synthetic such as silicone, artecoll, aquamid or other.

In the latter cases it will be convenient to first surgically remove the residual product and then after healing re intervene with hyaluronic acid

Yes, but it is not advisable to use them for the lips. In fact, medium to long lasting synthetic products can cause long-term complications.