This cutting-edge technique is one of the latest advances in regenerative medicine and is based on the platelet growth factors present in our blood.

This technique consists of a small blood sample and its centrifugation in a machine that separates the different platelet components.

I Risultati

Once extracted from the blood, the growth factors are injected with small needles into the skin areas to be treated.
These growth factors stimulate tissue regrowth and, in particular, promote a biological process called neoangiogenesis, thanks to which new blood vessels are created and thus greater vascularisation of the tissues.
In addition, once injected, PRP stimulates cell proliferation, in particular that of stem cells, promoting reparative processes and skin revascularisation.

All without any side effects as it is its own cells.

PRP can be used to rejuvenate the skin of the face, neck, décolleté, hands, abdomen and legs, but it is also indicated for treating ALOPECIA and for HAIR RENOVATION. IT IS USED IN ALL PATIENTS UNDERGOING HAIR TRANSPLANTATION.

The treatment is carried out in cycles of 4 or more sessions, is absolutely painless and quick and can be performed at any authorised medical practice.