Lipo HDF with Vaser Lipo and Argon Plasma

What is Lipo HDF?

È in assoluto l’intervento più richiesto in Plastic Surgery Estetica. Tale intervento prevede la rimozione dei depositi adiposi in eccesso ma anche la definizione delle fasce muscolari donando un aspetto atletico e scolpito a tutti quei pazienti che nonostante diete ed esercizio fisico non riescono ad ottenere i risultati desiderati.La liposcultura HDF prevede l’utilizzo di diversi macchinari chirurgici in particolare il VASER SYSTEM e l’ARGON PLASMA. Questi due macchinari sono ormai ritenuti indispensabili in tutti gli interventi di rimodellamento corporeo LIPO HDF e rappresentano il GOLDEN STANDARD per i Chirurghi Plastici che effettuano questo tipo di chirurgia.

How does it work?

Before starting the surgery, the body areas to be treated are skilfully drawn by the surgeon. These drawings are very important as they represent landmarks to be used during surgery without which the Surgeon may not even be able to perform the procedure properly. The preparatory phase must therefore be performed with great care and could last up to 30 minutes.



Una volta in sala operatoria le aree da trattare vengono prima infiltrate con una soluzione contenente sostanze vasocostringenti e anestetiche (sol. di Klein) e solo dopo qualche minuto si comincerà ad utilizzare le sonde del VASER SYSTEM

Queste sonde verranno utilizzate per creare la forma che si vorrà donare all’area trattata e per liquefare il tessuto adiposo che solo successivamente verrà aspirato mediante cannule di appena 3mm di diametro. Il VASER SYSTEM permette di disegnare con estrema precisione la zona trattata dandole forma e volume desiderati. Quasi con un pittore disegna il suo quadro…  

Thanks to this machine, the suction phase of fat tissue will be much quicker and less traumatic than with classic liposuction, and the fat tissue will be removed by perfectly following the pattern drawn beforehand with the VASER SYSTEM



Once the suction phase has been completed, the ARGON PLASMA phase begins.

This machine uses ARGON gas to create a guided contraction of the skin, considerably reducing skin laxity where present.

ARGON PLASMA is therefore used to tone the skin and give it a taut look in those areas where you want to highlight the muscle bands. On the abdomen, for example, sculpted abs and taut skin can be obtained on a previously overweight patient. The same can be done on the buttocks, shoulders, back, arms, legs or even the face.

The ARGON PLASMA is therefore an indispensable machine for performing LIPO HDF operations and can only be used in combination with the VASER SYSTEM .

Once phase 2 is completed, the patient will be washed, medicated and foam rubber bandages and sheaths will be applied. These should not be removed for a week and will serve to stabilise the adipose tissue and thus the final result.

The sheaths will have to be used for 4 weeks.

The result will already be appreciable one month after the operation, but the final result will be visible after 6 months.

Sometimes, to achieve the desired outcome, aspirated adipose tissue can be reused by re- injecting it to increase volume or improve shape. In the case of the buttocks, for example, one can improve their shape and increase their volume by transplanting adipose tissue taken from areas where it was in excess. In this case we speak of BBL (brazilian buttock lift) which is a technique dedicated to improving the buttocks. The same can be done for the breasts, the face or any area where volume is to be increased.

In the case where surgery is carried out on the whole body, we speak of TOTAL BODY RESHAPING .

This is one of the most popular procedures at the moment and involves reshaping the entire body in a single operation. This surgery can last up to 6/7 hours, requires a multidisciplinary surgical team and is the most important intervention in body remodelling surgery.
Only highly specialised plastic surgeons, after extensive training, are able to perform this technique. At the moment, there are only a few surgeons with such qualifications in the world.

To face a TOTAL BODY RESHAPING operation, patients will have to be prepared with appropriate pharmacological therapies and followed for a long time in the postoperative period during which some sessions with non-surgical machines will be necessary to optimise the result.

The results will be permanent, and even if the patient were to regain weight, the shape obtained with the surgery would remain unchanged, as they will gain proportionate weight without accumulating fat in the areas where it was most difficult to lose it previously.

durata intervento


1-5 hours


Based on the size of the area: local, spinal or general

controllo mastoplastica


1 Week
2 Weeks
4 Weeks

durata intervento


From 1 to 15 days

Vaser lipo: informazioni utili

Quando e come si fa il Vaser lipo?
Vaser lipo is indicated for all body areas where there is excess fatty tissue, so the indication is similar to that of classic liposuction. The areas to be treated are first infiltrated with a solution containing vasoconstrictive and anaesthetic substances, to facilitate subsequent aspiration and limit bleeding. At this point the VASER probe is introduced, which by emitting cold ultrasound liquefies the fat tissue, making its extraction easy and precise.

Obesity, excessive skin laxity in the area to be treated, blood clotting disorders. Other pathologies to be assessed during the preoperative examination.

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In preparation for the surgery, patients can undergo machine sessions to stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic systems in order to better prepare the tissues for the procedure.

Patients should take collagen and vitamin supplements starting one month before surgery.


Immediately after surgery, attempt to walk and move around but without excessive exertion.

Wear a bandage sheath night and day for 4-6 weeks . Return to work after 4-5 days. Return to physical activity one week after surgery. Take prescribed medication.

The postoperative period is completely painless. The patient can return to daily activity after 3 days. The first visit is 7 days after surgery, and the second is 14 days after surgery. The result is definitive and will be seen immediately and will progressively improve up to 3 months after surgery.

This operation removes LIPOSDISTROPHIES , i.e. those pathological accumulations of adipose tissue that are very difficult to eliminate with diet and sport. It removes them permanently, as once a certain number of adipocytes have been removed, no more adipocytes can form in the future, and if you gain weight, it will be evenly and proportionally without accumulating adipose tissue first in the lipodystrophic areas.

In the postoperative period, a diet rich in protein and collagen and the intake of collagen and omega-3 food supplements is recommended. In order to optimise the result, the patient should also undergo several sessions of THERMAGE and SMOOTH SHAPES , machines capable of draining liquids, stimulating the lymphatic system, eliminating residual cellulite and stimulating the production of new collagen. These sessions will further optimise the surgical result.

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