This is a surgical procedure involving the aspiration of autologous fat tissue and its repositioning in other body areas.

Many times the human body has defects in the shape or volume of soft tissue that can be corrected by filling and volumising through the injection of small amounts of our own body's own (autologous) adipose tissue.

Lipofilling is a method used in plastic surgery as well as in other surgical disciplines and is certainly one of the techniques that has most revolutionised surgery in the last 20 years.

By grafting fat from other parts of the body, it is possible to solve, in a single operation, both the imperfections of areas with excess fat and those due to lack of volume: BREAST, FACE, CHEEKBONES, WRINKLES, GLUTEUS, HANDS, BLEMISHES GENERATED BY WRONG SURGICAL PROCEDURES SUCH AS LIPOSUCTION OR MASTOPLASTICS, AND ALL SLIM TISSUE FLAWS. These are all areas that can be improved with LIPOFILLING.

Lipofilling surgery is performed under local anaesthesia using small suction cannulas. Once suctioned, the adipose tissue is centrifuged and treated with special instruments that make it ready to be re-injected where it is needed. This method can be performed on its own or also in combination with other procedures and thus represent a complementary or finishing operation in order to perfect the surgical result.

It can be used, for instance, in combination with cosmetic or reconstructive mastoplasty operations to improve the shape of the breast or even to better cover breast implants, making the surgical result more natural (Hybrid Mastoplasty) or even correcting flaws such as RIPPLING or WRINKLING (superficialisation of the breast implant that becomes more palpable or visible).

It can be used to correct defects generated by previous liposuction operations that have resulted in irregularities or actual holes in the treated areas, restoring regularity to skin and subcutis.

Women with an adipose abdomen and sagging breasts with a décolleté deficit can benefit enormously from lipofilling surgery as the abdomen can be completely emptied of excess adipose tissue, which once removed can be reused to fill in the décolleté and thus restore the silhouette.

It can be used to fill in wrinkles or rejuvenate the hands by plumping them up in those places where age has left its mark.

It is a relatively painless procedure that involves slight swelling and bruising of the treated areas, which will reabsorb a few days after being performed, and there are no visible scars.

If indicated for small amounts, it can be performed in an outpatient surgery room with local anaesthesia, but in the case of large amounts it will have to be performed in an operating room as it may be necessary to sedate the patient.

Lipofilling does not entail any major complications other than those of any minor surgery, i.e. bruising, oedema, temporary changes in skin sensitivity, asymmetries, partial reabsorption of the grafted adipose tissue.

Who can undergo lipofilling surgery

Lipofilling can be used for various parts of the body: for instance to rejuvenate the hands and face, but also to correct localised tissue atrophy. This treatment also allows the profile of various parts of the face to be modified:

  • the jaw
  • The chin
  • The grooves of the nose
  • The lips
  • The cheekbones