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Legend Pro+TM, is the latest evolution in equipment from Lumenis.

A world leader in the development of technologies based on different energy sources for applications in aesthetic medicine and surgery.

Legend Pro+TM is a Radiofrequency device, designed from the union of several complementary technologies combined in a single machine. Treatment with this device allows you to reach the different layers of the skin, representing the perfect ally to offer tailor-made treatments and customised results on each patient. It has the flexibility to treat a wide range of skin types and imperfections, offering multiple solutions for skin firming, muscle toning, skin resurfacing inducing regeneration and reducing roughness.

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Legend Lumenis

Legend, the treatment that mimics a facelift. Unlike plastic surgery, it does not require a scalpel, anaesthesia, stitches or even convalescence periods, because it is a non-invasive technique that involves neither skin ablation nor drugs to be applied to the skin before and afterwards.

The action of Legend Pro+™ is generated by the synergy of 4 technologies:

TRIPOLLAR® RF: Radiofrequency works by using the properties of high frequency electromagnetic waves that produce heat.

The radiofrequency energy is transferred to the skin by means of a special handpiece. When the heat passes through the epidermis and reaches the dermis, it causes thermal denaturation of the proteins that form collagen with consequent shortening of the fibres that make it up and stimulation of fibroblast activity. Once stimulated in this way, the fibroblasts not only produce new collagen, which will replace old and damaged collagen, but also produce new elastic fibres and new glycosaminoglycans. These components are of fundamental importance for maintaining a toned, firm and youthful skin.

The heat generated by the passage of electrical charges through the skin also reaches the underlying fatty tissue, improving microcirculation. More precisely, when the heat formed during the radiofrequency treatment reaches the hypodermis, there is a reduction in the volume of fat cells. This mechanism of action favours a lipolytic effect of the submentorial fat ('double chin') improving the profile of the chin.

DMA™ (DYNAMIC MUSCLE ACTIVATION): thanks to the emission of impulses, it stimulates the muscles, causing them to contract and then relax, activating them in exactly the same way as voluntary contractions.

Effective, with visible and tangible results in plumping and lifting cheeks and cheekbones. The combined treatment of radiofrequency and DMA allows the SMAS (superficial muscular aponeurotic system) to be lifted and toned, as muscular stimulation creates an important recapillarisation effect in the treated area, thus drawing nutrients, oxygenation and stimulating the creation of new collagen to the facial tissues.

Tissues and fat pads that have dropped due to ageing and sagging are lifted, thus restoring freshness to the face, defining jaw profiles and reducing the appearance of nasolabial folds and marionette wrinkles.

HYBRID ENERGY™uses a handpiece equipped at the ends with microscopic-sized needles that penetrate the skin in a controlled manner, followed by the delivery of radiofrequency and galvanic current.

These tiny needles cause micro traumas to the tissues, which react to the stimulus by activating the natural repair mechanisms, leading to deep tissue regeneration and restructuring of the dermal tissue, thus also inducing a reduction in wrinkles.


The thermal energy of radiofrequency conveyed so deeply guarantees greater stimulation than 'traditional' radiofrequency and the achievement of visible results in a shorter time.

TRIFRACTIONAL™: fractional radiofrequency is a valid, less invasive and less expensive alternative to Fractional Laser, it promotes skin regeneration by giving the skin greater firmness and improving its texture.

The probe in contact with the skin produces an electromagnetic wave, which is able to create an adjustable ablation at the level of the supeficial layers of the skin, as is the case with the light energy of lasers.

Microdischarges are created that produce a series of micro-holes (not visible to the naked eye) in the skin, the diameter and depth of which vary depending on the power, frequency and time of application of the discharges.

What is fundamental is that the distance between these micro-holes is only a few microns, so that intact tissue remains between them from which the repair begins, which thus takes place rapidly and optimally, producing rapid healing without desquamation and discomfort and compacting of the treated skin.

Unlike with the laser, the tissue is not traumatised by high temperatures. Whereas with the Fractional Laser (Fraxel) temperatures of around 170 degrees are reached, which somehow damage the tissue, with TriFractionalTM they are much lower (between 50 and 60 degrees) and allow a more comfortable treatment, and a much faster repair of the skin.

With this procedure, not only is thermostimulation softer, but superficial exfoliation and skin smoothing can also be performed, with removal of the superficial layers just like a chemical peeling but without burning and without exfoliation and scabs: the skin is immediately smooth and radiant precisely because of the micro-vapourisation of the epidermal tissues; ideal for minimising scars, stretch marks and skin blemishes.

Ozone is also developed during the treatment, with disinfectant action on pimples and biostimulating action for the skin.

The Results

The results are visible from the very first session; in particular, radiofrequency is highly appreciated for the anti-ageing effect it can exert.

The number of sessions per treatment cycle depends substantially on the type of imperfection to be addressed, its severity and extent. In any case, about 5 to 10 sessions are generally necessary, if performed consistently once a week, it brings long-term benefits because it increases tone, firmness, reduces wrinkles and preserves turgidity.

Generally, the effects obtained last from 6 to 12 months and, in order to maintain the results, it is necessary to perform maintenance sessions at certain intervals to be agreed upon (generally, two to four maintenance sessions per year).

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