This is the procedure used to reduce and reshape the labia minora by correcting imperfections such as asymmetry and hypertrophy.

This operation is relatively uncommon as it is only in recent years that women have become more aware of the aesthetic appearance of their labia.

As they want to live their sexuality to the fullest, they turn to plastic surgeons to improve blemishes that, until a few years ago, were a taboo. Sometimes Labiaplasty can also be combined with other procedures such as VAGINOPLASTICS or aesthetic medicine methods such as fillers, peelings or medical laser machines to achieve better results.

durata intervento


20-30 minutes



durata intervento


4 weeks until athletic and sexual activity is resumed

controllo mastoplastica



The Results

Remodelling of the labia minora.

This is the operation by which asymmetries of the labia minora can be reduced or corrected.

Many women complain that their labia minora are too long or asymmetrical, which sometimes causes embarrassment in front of a partner or even discomfort when wearing a tight-fitting swimming costume or during sport.

Surgery duration: 20-30 min.
Local anaesthesia in day hospital.


Post-surgery course: 2-3 days of relative rest after which you can return to work; the stitches are reabsorbable.

Relatively painless.
6 weeks for return to sexual and sporting activity.
Risks: bruising, slight pain, burning when urinating, longer healing time.
Advantages: more harmonious and symmetrical labia minora.