Infinity Thread Lift

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This technique is the latest invention in the field of aesthetic facial surgery.

durata intervento


30 minutes



durata intervento


Immediate return to daily routine

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One month later

Infinity Thread Lifting

lNFINITY THREAD LIFTING is a NON-INVASIVE MINI LIFTING surgical technique that involves the use of permanent, non-absorbable suspension ligaments during surgery: the Infinity Thread. These silicone ligaments serve to reposition skin and soft tissue of the face, rejuvenating it permanently.

To be clear, INFINITY THREADS have nothing to do with the PDO suspension threads or other materials so much used in recent years by aesthetic doctors. INFINITY THREADS are in fact surgical threads that are used to perfect surgical techniques for facial rejuvenation and can only and exclusively be used by those specialists in Plastic Surgery who have attended a specific course and obtained a diploma to use them. This diploma is issued by the company that produces them.

In Italy, Dr Moraci was the first surgeon to use them, and in addition to having the largest case history thanks to his teaching activities, he is responsible for the training programme for other Italian plastic surgeons.

The INFINITY THREADs are made of biocompatible and permanent synthetic material and are risk-free. INFINITY THREAD LIFTING is a technique that has been perfected by Dr. Moraci and allows a real face and neck lifting in only 30 minutes and under local anaesthesia and without any risk.

The operation is performed as an outpatient surgery at our practice and allows an immediate return to daily life. Our patients can already have their hair shampooed at the end of the operation and leave our surgery ready to go. This technique does not involve stitches, scars or bandages of any kind. The patient leaves our centre ready to resume their daily activities.

The Surgery

During the pre-surgery consultation, patients will be informed about the surgical programme, the potential results and the risks involved. The patient will be photographed and asked to sign an informed consent form specific to the Infinity Thread lift surgery.

On the day of surgery, patients will be provided with a private room to ensure their privacy. Patients will be asked to come on an empty stomach and have an antibacterial shampoo before surgery.
Once on the surgical couch, Dr Moraci will perform local anaesthesia on the affected areas of the face.

After a few minutes the surgery will be performed. After creating subcutaneous and subfascial tunnels, the facial tissues will be repositioned and secured with Infinity thread ligaments. The ligaments will be positioned by means of small needles with an eye and will be introduced into the deep subcutaneous planes of the face and neck, directing them according to the vector necessary to obtain the surgical result agreed upon with the patient.

Once all the ligaments have been positioned, a mirror will be provided to the patient who can comment on the result, together with Dr Moraci, deciding whether to apply more or less traction in order to perfect the result and be able to choose before the end of the operation.

Once the result has been agreed upon, Dr Moraci will cut the outer part of the INFINITY ligaments and the final result will be achieved.

No stitches, plasters or dressings of any kind are used for this procedure. The needles used to introduce the INIFINITY THREADS are in fact millimetric and no skin stitches will be necessary.

At the end of the procedure, an assistant will shampoo the patient and after a few minutes they can go home. Patients will be able to return to normal the same day and apart from some bruising there will be no major after-effects.

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