durata intervento


30 minutes


Local with sedation

durata intervento


6/8 weeks until athletic activity is resumed (containing sheath)

controllo mastoplastica



The Surgery

Minimally invasive gluteoplasty is a very popular cosmetic surgery procedure.

This operation is perfectly suited for situations in which a more voluminous B-side is desired and one does not wish to undergo procedures after which, for example, this part of the body can no longer be trained.

The sub-muscular technique, in which the prosthesis is placed below the gluteus maximus muscle, is the right answer for those who, in a short time and without invasive procedures, want to shape the B-side and show off a pleasantly natural result. By virtue of the limited space of the pocket that is created under the gluteus maximus muscle, the increase in volume is soft, similar to that obtained by doing squats in the gym (in fact, only prostheses of non-excessive dimensions can be used, nothing to do with a Kim Kardashian-style bottom).

As already mentioned, the procedure is very quick: the operation is performed in a few tens of minutes, which also allows a combination with other operations such as breast augmentation or liposuction-liposculpture. After a short surgery session in day hospital, it is possible to flaunt a lifted and athletic-looking B- side. Another great advantage of this cosmetic surgery is the possibility of returning to exercise almost immediately (in some cases even after two weeks).


The surgeon performing a minimally invasive gluteoplasty using the submuscular technique operates by inserting the prosthesis through a very small incision made at the level of the intergluteal groove.

The placement – after which the prosthesis is positioned at a deeper level than with other techniques – is made easy by an instrument known as the Keller Funnel, whose functioning can be compared to that of a sàc a poche. Due to the aforementioned reduced incision, it can be referred to as mini-invasiveness.

Another undisputed advantage concerns the respect of muscle structures, starting with the gluteus maximus muscle. In light of these two factors, a very rapid return to social life for patients is possible.

DURATION: 30 MINUTES IN DAY HOSPITAL. This surgery can therefore also be performed in combination with other operations such as liposuction or mastoplasty.


RECOVERY: immediate return home, and back to social life within a few days.

3 weeks for sporting activity..