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Foxy Eyes


The 'foxy eyes' effect is the trend of the moment in aesthetic medicine and surgery. It consists of raising the outer corners of the eyes, the eyelids and the tail of the eyebrows, bringing them closer to the temporal area, with the aim of opening up the eyes and making them more appealing.

Let's see together how to achieve this effect through cosmetic surgery and what are all the procedures for perfect foxy eyes and a bewitching look.

durata intervento


15-20 minutes



durata intervento



controllo mastoplastica


After 5 days to remove stitches

Foxy Eyes: the look that bewitches actresses and models

One of the reasons that has made the foxy eyes effect so popular in recent times is the fact that so many celebrities have carried out this treatment to give their eyes a sexier look.

From Bella Hadid to Kendall Jenner, not to mention the famous pop star Ariana Grande, there are many stars who have decided to use this treatment to give their eyes a magnetic, almost feline touch.

How to elongate your eyes?

The ways to obtain the characteristic elongated effect of foxy eyes are varied, and not all of them involve resorting to cosmetic surgery, although this solution remains the only one that can offer a lasting and effective result.

Interessante notare che già nell’antichità le donne avevano intuito la potenza ammaliatrice di questo sguardo sensuale e di conseguenza avevano studiato alcuni modi che oggi definiremmo “casalinghi” per ottenerlo, come applicare dei tiranti nascosti dai capelli che tendono la pelle delle tempie portandola verso l’alto. 

A first way to approach the foxy eyes effect is definitely make-up: try making up the eyes with eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara by blending the lines upwards and outwards, in the direction of the temple. In this way you can get an idea of what the result might be.

Foxy Eyes: facelift, filler, blepharoplasty and canthoplasty.

The surgical procedures to obtain foxy eyes are varied, and their implementation depends on the choice of the surgeon, who will assess together with the patient which technique to apply according to the starting conditions and the desired effect. 

Generally speaking, the procedures of choice for the eyelid and eyebrow are blepharoplasty and brow lift, which solve the problems of dark circles, bags and drooping eyelids, especially after a certain age 

Recently, a technique known as canthoplasty has also become popular. It involves repositioning the outer corner of the eye, known as the canthus, with the aim of making it point upwards. 

Filler can also be a valuable ally in achieving the much desired foxy eyes. Thanks to its filling action, the filler eliminates small wrinkles and folds in the skin around the eyes, by plumping and brightening them. 

Aesthetic eye surgery:

Aesthetic eyelid and eyebrow surgery is very useful not only for those who wish to change the appearance of their eyes, lifting them to achieve the infamous foxy eyes effect, but also for all those who, with age, have a dull gaze, with downward-facing eye corners, drooping eyelids and the much-hated crow's feet around the eyes.

In all these cases, cosmetic eye surgery makes it possible to rekindle the gaze, regaining self- confidence and the desire to love oneself again.