Lip Filler

Volumetric increase and shape modification of the lips by means of hyaluronic acid infiltrations.

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15-30 minutes


Anaesthetic ointment

durata intervento


from 7 to 20 days
Sun exposure: after 1 month

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2 Hours

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Thanks to the use of specific products, the lips can be augmented, stretched or redesigned according to the patient's needs.

This method is aimed at patients of all ages and thanks to the use of different infiltration techniques can always guarantee the most natural result possible. Russian lips, bolus technique, cannula or needle technique are just some of the techniques that can be used to infiltrate the lips with hyaluronic acid, and each technique must be adapted in the right way for the right patient. Cupid's bow, vermilion, prolabium, corners of the mouth: every single part of the lips can be improved.


Before the infiltrations, an anaesthetic ointment is applied to the lips, which is left on for about 10 minutes, after which the session can proceed. At the end of the session, ice is applied and then an antibiotic balm. The lips may be slightly swollen for 24/48 hours after which the result will settle. Very small bruises may also form, which generally reabsorb within 2-3 days. The result lasts about 6 months, after which the session may be repeated.


No specific preparation is required for the lip filler procedure. Simply, an anaesthetic ointment is applied about thirty minutes before the treatment, which prevents the patient from feeling pain or even discomfort in the area where the injection is performed

The treatment involves an infiltration technique, performed in a doctor's surgery and lasting between 15 and 30 minutes, with a total stay in the clinic not exceeding 2 hours. 

The filler is introduced in the places where more tone and volume is needed, until the desired level is reached: generally no more than 5 injections are needed.

After each injection, the treated area needs to be massaged, after which subsequent applications can be continued.

After surgery, normal everyday life can be resumed. The product that is injected, however, is metabolised by the body and reabsorbed in a time frame that may vary depending on the type of preparation used and the imperfection. 

In the case of hyaluronic acid fillers, however, reabsorption occurs without visible signs. At the end of the session, an antibiotic cream is applied to prevent bacterial infections. If swelling or redness appears, ice may be used in the following hours.

There is no risk of adverse effects, and any swelling will disappear within 48 hours at most. In a few circumstances bruising, however small, may appear where the needle with which the injections were made penetrated.

In the first few hours after lip filler surgery, it is advisable not to eat hot food or take high- temperature drinks; at the same time, smoking should be avoided.

Filler treatments are, thanks to the most modern techniques of aesthetic medicine, practically painless: this is why one can resort to them to enhance and rejuvenate the lips without encountering side effects.

The substance that is considered the safest, and for this very reason is used the most, is hyaluronic acid, which has the advantage of guaranteeing maximum effectiveness and which our organism produces to maintain the correct elasticity of the skin and its necessary hydration. This substance can be reproduced synthetically and used for lip fillers in Naples: its biocompatibility is its main advantage.

Through a syringe fitted with a fine needle, hyaluronic acid is injected into the initial layers of the area to be treated, in minimal doses. dosi minime

The effects are manifold:

  • the dermis is moisturised;
  • wrinkles are filled;
  • the overall tissue quality improves;
  • fibroblasts are stimulated to produce elastin and collagen.

Compared to cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures, the lip filler performed by Dr. Moraci is decidedly less invasive, and above all has a lower cost. 

The advantages of this treatment, however, do not end there: one must also take into account that the results are extremely natural.

Recovery times are extremely fast, and furthermore, no ugly scars are left . 

The procedures are minimally invasive, do not require any anaesthesia and allow, for example, a return to full, youthful lips. 

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