Reductive Mastoplasty

Mastoplastica Riduttiva​


This is the classic operation used to reduce breast volume and correct any asymmetries.

It is required for both aesthetic and functional reasons. Gigantomastia (breasts that are too large and heavy) often negatively affects the daily lives of women with this condition.

Patients who request such an operation often complain of back pain, stiff neck; limitations in physical activity and difficulty finding clothes that fit such large breasts: they feel uncomfortable in their own bodies. Such an intervention therefore becomes not only aesthetic but also therapeutic for these people.

durata intervento


2 hours



durata intervento


5 days

controllo mastoplastica


1 month after stitches removal

Mastoplastica Riduttiva​: i risultati

Breast reduction involves removing excess breast tissue and improving the shape of the breast.

Le cicatrici sono indentiche a quelle utilizzate per la Mastopexy:
- periareolar plus vertical for small breast reduction
- periareolar more vertical plus horizontal (inverted T) for large breast reduction

The duration of the operation varies depending on the technique (2-3 hours).
It is performed under general anaesthesia, one night's hospitalisation is expected.
E’ un intervento di grande impatto psicologico. Migliora non solo l’aspetto fisico ma sopratutto l’autostima e la vita di tutti i giorni.

Le pazienti che si sottopongono a tale intervento cambiano completamente il modo di vestirsi, di muoversi, il proprio stile di vita e si sentono più femminili e sicure di sé.

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Absolute rest for the first week during which you should take the medication prescribed by your doctor. During the first week avoid sleeping on your stomach or hips, do not wet your scars, do not raise your arms upwards, do not drive a car. Take prescribed medication

After 7 days you will have your first check-up during which your doctor will change the dressing and give you further instructions.

After 14 days you will have your second check-up during which the stitches will be removed. At this point you can shower and gradually increase your physical activity. You will still wear the support bra day and night until 6 weeks after surgery.

After 6 weeks you will have a further check-up after which you can finally be considered fully recovered.

At this point you will also be able to return to sporting physical activity and will no longer need a support bra.

For the first 6 months, do not wear an underwire bra and avoid exposing the scars to the sun.
After 6 months: final check-up