Lifting del labbro superiore o Lip Lift


This is the decisive and definitive surgery for those who have A TOO SMALL UPPER LIP OR WHO WANT TO CHANGE ITS SHAPE.

This very small surgical procedure solves in a few minutes all the shape defects of the upper lip by making a small incision in the natural fold that we all have under the nose, between the nose and the skin part of the upper lip (prolabium).

durata intervento


15-20 minutes



durata intervento



controllo mastoplastica


After 5 days to remove stitches

The Surgery

Through this incision a small portion of skin and subcutis is removed and the upper lip is pulled upwards, raising its edge. In this way the lip will become higher and more evident and its natural design can be modified by altering theCUPID'S ARCH, resulting in more voluptuous and fuller lips. The improvement will be very evident not only frontally but also in profile.

THE LIP PROFILE is in fact very important and is often not given due consideration by inexperienced surgeons who instead pay more attention only to the frontal aspect.


Many patients undergo lip infiltration surgery using volumising substances called FILLERS (hyaluronic acid, etc.) in the hope that volumising their lips will also improve their shape, often with very unnatural and unsightly results...

IT COULDN'T BE MORE WRONG because when the lips are too thin or their shape is wrong, increasing their volume will accentuate that defect instead of correcting it.

In such cases, one must first undergo lip lift surgery to improve the shape of the lips and only then can they be volumised with fillers if necessary.

Often an upper lip lift operation is completely successful, and patients will no longer need to resort to periodic injections of fillers.


LIP LIFT is performed under local anaesthesia in a surgical outpatient department.

The duration of this operation is 15-20 minutes and allows an immediate return to daily life. e permette un ritorno immediato alla vita quotidiana.

Small stitches are used and will be removed after 5 days.

There is no bruising but only slight swelling of the upper lip that will disappear within 4-5 days.

THE LIPLIFT operation does not involve any major risks or complications.

It is only necessary to pay attention to proper healing of the surgical scar, which usually becomes invisible in a few weeks.

The result will be definitive.