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It is the procedure used to rejuvenate the eyelids and the gaze by removing excess skin and eyelid bags.

Popular among both men and women of all ages, blepharoplasty is a small outpatient procedure that can restore a youthful, radiant gaze by giving a younger, fresher look to the entire face.

Those who request it complain that their eyes are tired, that their upper eyelid is sagging, or that they wake up in the morning and see their eyes swollen, or even that they have so much excess skin that they can no longer apply make-up and see clearly.

When the skin of the upper eyelid is very saggy, it can in fact reduce the field of vision and thus become not only an aesthetic but also a functional problem.

La blefaroplastica quando bene eseguita non deve MAI CAMBIARE DIMENSIONI E FORMA DELL’OCCHIO. Per quello ci sono altri tipi di interventi quali la cantoplastica, il lifting del sopracciglio, il vertical lift endoscopico e altri ancora che potranno quando necessario eseguiti in combinazione con la blefaroplastica.

durata intervento


30 minutes - 1 hour



controllo mastoplastica


1-2 weeks

durata intervento


5 days

I risultati della Blefaroplastica

With blepharoplasty, bags under the eyes disappear, wrinkles are reduced and excess skin is removed

Blepharoplasty is divided into upper (upper eyelid) and lower (lower eyelid). In the former, an incision is made in the eyelid fold; in the latter, the incision can be either subciliary (external blepharoplasty) or only conjunctival (transconjunctival blepharoplasty). Scars are therefore totally invisible.

Il mio approccio preferito è quello con tecnica trans congiuntivale e pinching della pelle in eccesso. Questa tecnica infatti è molto rispettosa delle strutture anatomiche e molto meno rischiosa rispetto alle tecniche classiche.

Con la blefaroplastica transcongiuntivale ed il pinching cutaneo si evitano infatti spiacevoli complicanze quali ECTROPION o SCLERAL SHOW. Complicanze che se pur rare necessitano di interventi correttivi e spiacevoli decorsi per i pazienti.

It is often necessary to combine blepharoplasty with EYEBROW LIFTING surgery to achieve wider and rejuvenated eyes and gaze.

It is a surgery that can be performed on an outpatient basis under local anaesthesia and the duration is fairly short (30 min - 1 hour).


The postoperative course is very simple and painless:
The postoperative course is very simple and painless:
- 3/4 days to return to daily life;
- 1 week for complete recovery.
– 1 settimana per la completa guarigione.

Post-surgery instructions
Adequate rest for the first 2 to 3 days after which you can return to work; remember to protect your eyes, using sunglasses when going out. Do not get the dressing wet or touch it until your first check-up 5 days after surgery, at which time the stitches will be removed. During the first week, take the prescribed medication and lubricate the eyes with eye drops. Return to everyday life, including sports activities, within a week after surgery.