Reverse Abdominoplasty

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This technique was already used in Brazil in the 1970s. After being forgotten for years, Dr. Moraci modified and improved it, becoming one of the leading experts in Italy today. His case history for this surgical technique includes more than 700 cases.

Through a single scar hidden under the breast he can remove excess skin from the upper abdomen and reshape the breast.

durata intervento


2-3 hours



durata intervento


2 weeks return to daily routine
4 weeks until athletic activity is resumed

controllo mastoplastica


1 night


Through a single scar hidden under the breast, excess skin is removed from the upper abdomen and the breast is reshaped.

Through this incision it will be possible to perform the traditional breast augmentation, reduction or mastopexy (breast lift) operations, while at the same time removing excess skin and fat from the abdomen.

Particularly suitable for resolving supra-abdominal imperfections, reverse abdominoplasty can be performed alone or in combination with all Mammary Surgery procedures.

This surgery is particularly suitable after pregnancy or weight loss.

Once they have finished breastfeeding, 'mothers' feel the desire to feel fit and like themselves again. However, the enormous act of love that brings them to face the great challenge of a pregnancy often leaves indelible marks on their bodies: stretch marks on the abdomen and breasts, skin laxity, an apron-like belly, sagging and empty breasts. And so a reverse abdominoplasty operation can be decisive and give these women back their former body and femininity in a safe and definitive way.

The Surgery

During a thorough examination, Dr Moraci will assess whether or not the patient is suitable for surgery and for this procedure.

In fact, it is very important to distinguish patients with more laxity above the belly button from those with more laxity below the belly button: only in the case of supraumbilical skin laxity will an inverse abdominoplasty be recommended, while in the case of more skin laxity below the belly button a classic abdominoplasty is advised.

However, in extreme cases, both can be performed in order to remove excess skin above and below the belly button.

To ensure a good result, it will be necessary to hide the scar as far as possible below the breasts, so the larger the breast size, the better the result: this is why this operation is often combined with breast augmentation surgery:

Larger breast volume = less visible scar.


The postoperative period is relatively painless if the patient rests for the first few days by following the instructions and the prescribed drug therapy properly.

Suction drains are always used and will be removed 48H after the operation.

The first follow-up visit is after 1 week

The second follow-up visit is after 2 weeks

Stitches will be removed after 14/21 days

The scarring phase will be given special attention. In fact, in this surgery the scar must be perfect and therefore all therapeutic measures will be taken to optimise the outcome. Laser therapy is sometimes used as a complementary therapy to optimise scarrin

The Results

This surgery gives enormous satisfaction and greatly improves patients' self-esteem. In just one operation belly and breasts, figure and femininity are permanently improved.